n. pl. pun·ims Slang
The face: "A large, heavyset figure with gray hair caught her eye. She had a familiar punim. Who was she?" (Patricia Welles). "Now your adorable punim is ready to light up that stage" (Adam F. Goldberg & Marc Firek).

[Yiddish (dialect of southern Poland and Galicia) punem, face, from Hebrew pānîm; akin to Akkadian pānu, front, Arabic finā', courtyard in front of a house, and Ge'ez fənnā and Syriac pnitā, side.]
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Sudeci po slici i rubu velikoga jedra, brod plovi punim jedrima, malo jedro s velikim dijeli dobro i zlo, zuti jarbol podsjeca da treba presjeci gordijski cvor i krenuti, a zuti je trup na istoj valnoj duljini pa i on dobiva vjetar u leca.
Memorialize your child's precious punim with a personalized cameo.
With his waddling gait and fleshy punim, Einstein promised he could get results because he "would never be spotted as a sleuth.
Among my favorite illustrations are the iconic cover of the first issue of Captain America with the hero himself punching Hitler in his punim (p.
for my comments about Gloria's punim, for gazing too long at Emily,
He is faputst from dein to shpitsfinger--dressed in a double-breasted suit and fedora plus a tallith with tzitzis over his shoulders, and he has a puter-wouldn't-melt-in-his-moyl look on his punim.
Betrayed by Shaynah Punim Models and her parents, who had deployed her as a tool in their own narcissistic agendas, she felt really unsupported.
For the goys in attendance, the program contains a helpful glossary called "Yiddish 101," containing definitions for terms like farbissina punim, shpilkes, and facacta (and strangely, cockamamie, which derives from French).
Earbuds featuring everyone's favorite Little Pony, Rainbow Dash's, pony punim sound pretty great to us.
O sintaksi modalnih glagola ili >>glagola htijenja<< do sada je u hrvatskoj gramatici bilo poznato uglavnom samo to da se u recenici rabe zajedno s nekim drugim, punim glagolom, kojega znacenje modificiraju u odredenim dimenzijama.
Iako se predikacije (PredP) u navedenim primjerima interpretiraju kao propozicije (klauzalno), mozemo reci da nije rijec o punim recenicnim strukturama koje pripadaju kategoriji CP (dopunjacke projekcije).