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Adv.1.punishingly - in a punishing manner
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- false-wars driven by avarice and greed; a routed middle-class; and, a corrupted system of justice and inequality that is fostered by the elite: A punitive-system which is punishingly racist and regressive for nothing more than profit and control.
They could seize control of the parliamentary agenda and ram through legislation that could force the Prime Minister to seek an extension to the Brexit deadline beyond 31 October, but the timeframe is punishingly tight and the government could find ways to derail it.
"Both tactics send a clear message to other activists: the stakes for defending their rights are punishingly high for them, their families and their communities," Harrison said.
With yoghurt dressing and mixed seeds it was a flashback to the 80s wholefoods once served at the Montessori cafe across the road At PS4.50, it was punishingly overpriced.
They are both climbed in short succession shortly before the Koppenberg, the former famed for being punishingly long and the latter being punishingly steep.
Kong sees the punishingly intense hi-hats of dub join classical instrumentation to create a Bjork-like soundscape, while Cherry combines matters personal with those more global to great effect.
WITH a satisfying confidence, this multiplayer hack-'n'-slash sequel is punishingly difficult during its early hours, which veterans of the original Vermintide should appreciate.
The production-line methods used by the latter in its inexorable advance into the region rely heavily on the use of pesticides, with inevitable effects on the farmers whose only defence against pesticide drift, and its threat to organic certification, was the punishingly expensive expedient of erecting greenhouses made of plastic and breathable fabrics.
Punishingly tight sanctions alone will not change his mind.
Echoing the forecast by IEA, the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries said after long years of punishingly low oil prices, there is "increasing evidence" that the oil market is moving closer to reaching a healthy balance between supply and demand.
The 1995 original was one of the most important games on PSONE, welding cuttingedge tracks from Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy to punishingly fast futuristic hover-racing in sleek, sophisticated craft, all of which achieved a level of mainstream appeal that would have seemed impossible before Sony arrived on the gaming scene.