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Adv.1.punishingly - in a punishing manner
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Foreign investors facing punishingly low yields in their own countries have been desperate for a way to earn higher returns.
Punishingly tight sanctions alone will not change his mind.
It's very physical, it's really hard, punishingly hard," the 48-year-old said.
Polish bass-baritone Tomasz Konieczny possesses the physique du role and the tireless, bright, soaring tone needed to conquer its punishingly high tessitura.
Instead, punishingly long hours are probably a way that workers signal their loyalty to their bosses and employers.
The 1995 original was one of the most important games on PSONE, welding cuttingedge tracks from Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy to punishingly fast futuristic hover-racing in sleek, sophisticated craft, all of which achieved a level of mainstream appeal that would have seemed impossible before Sony arrived on the gaming scene.
Though undeniably gorgeous, it is punishingly long, frequently boring, and woefully unengaging at some of its most critical moments.
Anything less threatens to lock a generation out of home ownership, and into insecurity and punishingly high rents.
While compromised by its punishingly bum-numbing length and slow-grinding, self-indulgent moments, Sari Dalena's incisive three-hour docu-drama is greater than the sum of its overreaching parts-and is the director's most significant film to date.
3 world champion seemed unaffected by the punishingly hot conditions and built an insurmountable 13-minute lead.