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Inflicting or aiming to inflict punishment; punishing.
pl.n. punitives
Punitive damages.

[Medieval Latin pūnītīvus, from Latin poenīre, pūnīre, to punish; see punish.]

pu′ni·tive·ly adv.
pu′ni·tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.punitively - in a punishing manner
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John O'Connell, chief executive at the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "It's very disappointing that taxpayers in Wales aren't protected from such punitively high tax hikes by the need to call a local referendum, as they are in England.
Consecutive courts, including the criminal court, the court of appeal and climaxed by the Supreme Court and the Monarch, ordered him punitively killed.
Opportunistic businessmen have even brought in old induction steel plants condemned in China and sold for a song in countries like ours where fuels but not emissions are taxed punitively.
To be noted, Israel resorts to punitively demolish the family homes of Palestinians -- as means of deterrence -- who are accused of being involved in attacks against Israelis, a policy that Israel does not use against Israeli settlers who are involved in fatal attacks against Palestinians.
The Labor alternative is to keep Australia stranded with punitively high taxes, drying up investment and resulting in lower jobs growth, lower wages, lower investment spending and lower overall economic growth.
Iran's minimum wage is not just punitively low, but is so inadequate it isn't enough for a family to live on for a third of each month, according to Gholam-Reza Abbasi, the head of the Association of Workers' Guilds.
He reiterated that this support to terrorism by Pak Army is unacceptable and the Indian Army will continue to take all retaliatory measures as well as retain the right to punitively respond to such provocative acts of aggression from Pak side in future too.
Palestinians say that Israel, annoyed at the Palestinian victory, has been seeking revenge by punitively punishing the city's Palestinian residents.
PCHR also denounced measures in Deir Abu Mashaal, where the families of the slain Palestinians face imminent displacement as their homes are slated to be punitively demolished, while they have also had all of their Israeli-issued permits revoked, including long-term work permits.
Robredo did not directly propose following the Portuguese government's policy of decriminalizing drug use, but noted how the European nation dramatically shifted its focus from looking at drug abuse punitively to treating it as a health issue requiring treatment and reintegration.
Local sources affirmed that Israeli police stormed and took photos of the house as a prelude to punitively demolish it.
Presumably, the dressing-room selfie-stick remained holstered - unless Wenger was tempted to use it punitively.