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punk 1

1. Slang
a. An often aggressive or violent young person: The building was set on fire by a bunch of punks.
b. An inexperienced young person: We don't want that little punk tagging along.
c. A cowardly or weak young person: Don't let him disrespect you—show him you're not a punk.
2. Music
a. Punk rock.
b. A punk rocker.
a. Slang A young man who is the sexual partner of an older man, especially in prison.
b. Archaic A prostitute.
v. punked, punk·ing, punks Slang
v. intr.
To act in a cowardly manner. Often used with out.
v. tr.
1. To humiliate (someone). Often used with down or out.
a. To dupe or deceive.
b. To play a practical joke on.

[Origin unknown.]

punk′er n.

punk 2

1. Dry decayed wood, used as tinder.
2. Any of various substances that smolder when ignited, used to light fireworks.
3. Chinese incense.
adj. Slang
1. Of poor quality; worthless.
2. Weak in spirits or health.

[Probably of eastern Algonquian origin.]


1. obsolete a person who associates with prostitutes
2. (Pop Music) informal a punk rocker


(ˈpʌŋ kər)

a punk rock musician or devotee.
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On this trip the main character, an emotionally detached child prodigy who is on the spectrum, encounters a quirky cast of characters including a mobster uncle, a channeling aunt, a Native American healer, and a depressed punker who has read The Bell Jar five times.
Growing up in the Midwest, you don't have to be just a punker or a metal head.
SLICK JJanuary I recommend Estee Lauder's Quick-Thick Eyeliner in Punker Black (PS20, www.esteelauder.co.uk) to get an intense look.
Their website also showcases a video for the song that features a six year-old punker terrorizing band members.
The band describes the new project as "louder, faster and punker," than 2008's "Operational Excellence."
What started as a small-scale operation in 2005 quickly expanded to mass production to meet rampant demand for their Lunker Punker.
Eugene Hutz was a scrawny 13-year-old punker when his family fled Kiev to escape the 1986 Chemobyl meltdown.
A funny flashback showing past incarnations (punker, New Wave groupie) is played for laughs but doesn't fill in any blanks.
The film documents the experience of 10 teens, including Thomas, a magnetic 18-year-old who chants to Jesus twice a day; Christine, 16, a devout inept loner; and Scancy, 17, a bisexual punker who comes to camp questioning her religion.
Figuring an anarchist mixer was likely to include a lot of punker women who listen to the Sex Pistols, I decided to go.