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A play on words, sometimes on different senses of the same word and sometimes on the similar sense or sound of different words.
intr.v. punned, pun·ning, puns
To make puns or a pun.

[Origin unknown.]

pun′ning·ly adv.
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in a punning manner
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The men continue to raise funds for charity and released a fourth collection of bawdy songs last year, punningly titled Sole Mates.
In an effort to counterbalance the heat generated by increasing data traffic, major tech corporations are increasingly choosing to locate their data centers in cold locations: Facebook is currently building its second data center in Lulea, Sweden, just outside of the Arctic Circle in an area punningly known as the "Node Pole," while in 2011 Google built a data center on the Bay of Finland in Hamina, Finland (figure 4).
In the former, the eponymous seeker spends everything he has on fruitless experiments until his family starves and has to go begging, all while a faithful amanuensis presides over a book that reads 'Alghe mist', punningly 'alchemist' and 'already missed' or 'all wasted'.
In orchestrating what he later described, punningly, as "a tremendous undertaking," he had enlisted a dozen friends in the hoax and had even made a down payment for a wake.
(8) In deference to Ian Fleming's James Bond, of course, the name also alludes, punningly, to this Bond's reconciliatory function.
In order to highlight Abishag's plight, Bathsheba punningly remarks that Abishag is "the King's last comfort but no consort."
His latest show is a retrospective of that 67-year career, punningly titled Prince of Broadway and opening this month at the Friedman Theatre.
5-7) Here Swinburne joins the reader's "eye" to "note" and "score," where "note" punningly means both "to notice and observe" and "a written character representing a musical sound," while "score" punningly means both "a group of twenty" that are visible to the eye and "a written or printed piece of concerted music." Indeed, "The Roundel's" "craft of delight and ...
At the same time it is also, being "stone" and a "table," materially as well as punningly reminiscent of the two tables of the Ten Commandments ("tables of stone," Exodus 34: 4) which (according to Hebrews 9: 4, and also 1 Kings 8: 9) were kept within the Ark.
Two images in particular recurred with some frequency in the second edition of the Kochi Biennale, tellingly and punningly titled "Whorled Explorations"--the first being da Gama's arrival in the port of Calicut as it was immortalized 400 years later in a painting by the Portuguese artist Jose Maria Veloso Salgado; the second a less literal though no less evocative image, namely that of the vortex--imagined variously in the exhibition as the universe, the void or a whirlpool.
In this respect, he paints a truer portrait of Thales' wisdom than Anaximander did: our relation to the ground of things is not one of direct access, but of a mediated approach at once disputatious and conciliatory, an approach Heraclitus punningly names [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].