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n. pl. pun·ties
An iron rod on which molten glass is handled when being shaped and worked. Also called pontil.

[Probably from French pontil; see pontil.]
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n, pl -ties
(Ceramics) a long iron rod used in the finishing process of glass-blowing. Also called: pontil
[C17: see pontil]
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"I was surprised to see him jump that high - someone must have given him a punty!
Elsewhere Gary Malcolmson lost 23-19 to Marc Gillen; Pat Martin lost 22-13; and Jason Williams crashed 34-8 to Gary Punty. Totals: Stirling County West 108, LanarkshireWest 129.
Too many lucky types still rely on who they know, not what they know, to get a punty up the ladder.
At the bigger scale, the traditional major tools used by a glassblower are the blowpipe, punty, bench, marver, blocks, jacks, paddles, tweezers, paper, and a variety of shears.
In which trade is gob collected on a metal tube called a punty? 8.
Rough pontil or punty marks, sometimes ground smooth, on the underside of the foot of a glass confirms it was hand-blown (usually anyway).
In which craft is 'gob' collected on a metal tube known as a 'punty'?
His songs have been recorded by Kurt Ollmann, William Sharp, Sanford Sylvan, and Patricia Punty. His Off-Off Broadway musicals include Ladies in a Maze and Cafe Society.
Color photos illustrate a techniques guide which goes into details on using the punty iron and blowing plates, vases and more as a learning experience to blowing more complicated pieces.
Transfer the piece to a "punty" - a steel rod with some hot glass in the end which you use as a glue - warm it up in the furnace and finish it off.