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intr.v. pu·pat·ed, pu·pat·ing, pu·pates
1. To become a pupa.
2. To go through a pupal stage.

pu·pa′tion n.
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The pre-pupae of P denticulata were collected in a Eucalyptus plantation in Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, stored in cloth bags, and transported to the laboratory, where they were held in plastic trays with sterilized soil at 25 [+ or -] 1[degrees]C, 70 [+ or -] 10% RH, and a 12:12 h L:D photoperiod until pupation.
The novel abdominal appendage in male sepsid flies (Diptera: Sepsidae) has a complex evolutionary history of primary gain, loss, and regain which we explore using fluorescent microscopy to compare the size, volume, and number of cells in the histoblast cell nests that produce the appendage during pupation across six genera including an ancestral outgroup which describe evolutionary history of the appendage.
Loranthaceae), remaining hidden during the day on the bark of the host plant stem, where pupation occurs.
The surface layer of each bucket was sprayed with water at regular weekly intervals until pupation, but left to dry out thereafter.
2013) recently reported that less thermal energy is required for pupation when temperatures fluctuate around a low mean value than when the temperature is constant at that value, whereas more thermal energy is required when temperatures fluctuate around a higher mean value than when the temperature is constant around that value.
What Dad's imagination deemed a will-o'-wisp convention was really a firefly pupation party.
Interestingly, many lipid supplements reduced feeding, and some fatty acids interfered with pupation.
Previous work in our lab has shown that PCP exposure has been shown to delay development in fruit flies and has been shown to alter pupation heights.
Pupation and metamorphosis were interrupted in the mosquitoes because the dose was lethal at this stage.
A Kunitz-type protease inhibitor related protein is synthesized in Drosophila prepupal salivary glands and released into the moulting fluid during pupation.