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intr.v. pu·pat·ed, pu·pat·ing, pu·pates
1. To become a pupa.
2. To go through a pupal stage.

pu·pa′tion n.
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The spinning larva (last-instar larva) only spins to prepare the mine for pupation.
September is also a peak month for several species of migrant butterfly, most notably painted ladies, which emerge after a short pupation following the summer arrival of the previous generation from North Africa.
There is no pupation chamber or any other protection for the pupa and it remains completely exposed on the leaf surface of Salvinia sp.
Mogi (10) observed a strong relationship between fertilizer application and increased pupation rate.
In November, the LAES program records the percentage of the bored internodes and the percentage of the internodes with exit holes indicating a successful pupation (Bessin et al.
Following pupation, an adult parasitic wasp will emerge from the skeletal remains of the pest.
Larvae were followed to pupation when they were sexed and weighed.
Moreover, the virus appears to cause endocrine system changes that can curb a larva's appetite, keep it from molting or prevent its pupation (passage into that dormant stage when it would metamorphose into an adult, capable of reproduction).
The highest rate of consumption was observed during first and second day of 3rd instar while it decreased at third day and reduced to negligible on 5th day just before pupation.
Egg hatching, larval duration (days), larval survival, pre-pupation period (days), pupation period (days) total developmental period (days, from egg hatching to adult formation) and total survival was recorded on daily basis and compared at each temperature condition.