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Noun1.puppet leader - a leader or ruler who is chosen by a despot to head a governmentpuppet leader - a leader or ruler who is chosen by a despot to head a government
leader - a person who rules or guides or inspires others
ruler, swayer - a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe"
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1942: Norwegian fascist Vidkun Quisling was installed as puppet leader of his Nazi-occupied country: his name would become synonymous with "collaborator".
He rejected accusations that he was going to be a puppet leader and said he was going to prove this with his hard work and commitment.
Can't people see that with a puppet leader in the USA, and Europe and the UK squabbling over Brexit, it will be open season for the Russians?
On the same issue, last week, National Conference president Farooq Abdullah accused Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti of acting like " pliant, puppet leader, who connived against the State's political rights to remain in power.
Karzai told The Atlantic in an interview that the Western powers were looking for a puppet leader.
Mussolini had already resigned and had been imprisoned, however, on the orders of Hitler, he was rescued by commandos and made puppet leader of a Fascist republic in northern Italy.
At that time, almost everyone expected the triumphant capitalist West to crush the Chinese communist movement and install Chiang as a puppet leader.
And just look at the rabble on offer now: Clegg's party is doomed, Osborne a multi-millionaire with PS4m in trust waiting for him and last but by no means least our puppet leader David Cameron.
Veteran CIA operative Marty tells Miller that there are no weapons, it is a deception to allow the Americans to take over the country and install a puppet leader.
The other day Labour AM Alun Davies wrote a tweet likening the Liberal Democrats to Quisling, the pro-Nazi wartime puppet leader of Norway.
His AWB movement was effectively crushed when they tried to support the puppet leader of the black homeland of Bophuthatswana shortly before South Africa's f irst democratic elections in 1994.
Who knows, if we hadn't got Churchill as an implacable war leader, we could have not only had "peace in our time" but fascist sympathisers King Edward and Queen Wallis on the throne, Sir Oswald Mosley the puppet leader of the government and our own extermination camps.