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n. pl. pup·pet·ries
1. The art of making puppets and presenting puppet shows.
2. The actions of puppets.
3. A stilted or artificial dramatic performance.
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1. (Theatre) the art of making and manipulating puppets and presenting puppet shows
2. unconvincing or specious presentation
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(ˈpʌp ɪ tri)

n., pl. -ries.
1. the art of making puppets or presenting puppet shows.
2. action of or as if of puppets.
3. puppets collectively.
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the art of making and handling puppets.
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Noun1.puppetry - the art of making puppets and presenting puppet showspuppetry - the art of making puppets and presenting puppet shows
artistry, prowess, art - a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation; "the art of conversation"; "it's quite an art"
2.puppetry - a stilted dramatic performance (as if by puppets)
dramatisation, dramatization - a dramatic representation
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فَن تَحْريك الدُّمى


[ˈpʌpɪtrɪ] Ntíteres mpl, arte m del titiritero
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ndas Puppenspiel
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(ˈpapit) noun
a doll that can be moved eg by wires, or by putting the hand inside the body.
ˈpuppetry noun
the art of making puppets and producing puppet shows.
ˈpuppet-show noun
a play etc performed by puppets.
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With its elaborate mix of puppetry and voice talent, The Dark Crystal drew from classic fantasies like Lord of the Rings and modern sci-fi epics like Star Wars to create an entirely new world.
'Workers are set to highlight Duterte's puppetry to China, along with other labor and human-rights violations,' Labog said.
Bilawal also came under fire recently after he mocked Prime Minister Imran and called him a 'puppet' on the occasion of the World Puppetry Day last month.
WITH disbelief suspended like a marionette, the audience (a blend of young and not-soyoung) rolled up for the opening night of the second Newcastle puppetry festival.
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Hosted at the cosy Prozak cafe-bar in Nicosia, the two artists will put on a powerful storytelling puppetry performance.
The second Pakistan String Puppetry Festival began on January 14 and will continue till July 31, 2019.
Thespianz being a reputed performing arts organization of Pakistan has presented 1st time in Pakistan a longest String Puppetry Festival found of three hundred street performance of string puppetry in 2016-17.
Ten artistes received awards for their contribution in the field of traditional art forms including folk and tribal music, dance, theatre, and puppetry.