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v. i.1.To utter a low, murmuring, continued sound, as a cat does when pleased.
[imp. & p. p. Purred ; p. pr. & vb. n. Purring.]
v. t.1.To signify or express by purring.
n.1.The low, murmuring sound made by a cat to express contentment or pleasure.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The researchers observed a significant correlation for each PUR signature with its corresponding clinical category.
Judge MohammadArshid Malik of AC took up for hearing Nandi Pur reference on Friday.
The heavy contingent of police rushed to the scene and shifted the injured persons to district hospital Rajan Pur. DSP Rajan Pur said that the victim woman had eloped with someone two years back and had got married.
When it comes to chemical recycling of PUR waste, the most important technique seems to be glycolysis frequently performed by batch methods.
Cariad Pur? (Pure Love) is a collection of short stories from a number of authors, including Llio Mai Hughes and Marlyn Samuel from Anglesey; Bethan Gwanas from Dolgellau; Guto Dafydd from Pwllheli and John Gruffydd Jones from Abergele.
For trichlorfon high resistance ratio LC50 ranged from 99.55 to 83.30 ugmL-1 was observed in the order Qadir Pur Ran (41.82-fold) greater than Mohammad Pur greater than 10-T greater than Kotla Mahran greater than Bosan greater than Alam Pur greater than Multani wala greater than Nawab Pur.
A thin line of PUR can provide a strong, durable and long-lasting bond between particleboard panels and edgebanding.
Ambi Pur is a leading global air care brand with a presence in 80 countries, and also has several toilet care products, with strong presence in the Western European and Asian markets.
The main challenge in producing the jet ski hull measuring 360 x 90 cm with this process is the PUR's very short curing time.
The hard PUR was acid hydrolyzed with 3N HCl solution as described by Pathirana and Seal,[15].
KraussMaffei reports significant interest among automotive-systems suppliers in its SkinForm process for producing thermoplastic injection-moulded parts with integral soft-touch PUR skins.