purchase contract

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Noun1.purchase contract - a contract stating the terms of a purchasepurchase contract - a contract stating the terms of a purchase
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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Christian argues that the circuit court erred by not ruling on his request for rescission of the purchase contract. Apart from his rescission argument, Christian contends that the court erred by awarding him only $600 in damages.
United States-based BridgeBio Pharma has signed a purchase contract with United States-based Alexion Pharmaceuticals.
After agreement on necessary formalities, the land purchase contract was signed by both contractual parties on July 11, 2017.
(NYSE: GMRE) has closed two acquisitions during 1Q17 and has executed five purchase contracts, four of which were executed during 1Q17, the company said.
(NASDAQ: CBAK), a lithium battery manufacturer and electric energy solution provider, has signed a purchase contract with Sysgration (Zhenjiang) Co.
The additional Lockheed Martin purchase contract will begin with production in the second quarter 2016 and first deliveries in the third quarter.
The approval of the supervisory authorities is still required before the purchase contract can take effect.
This property's purchase contract's one-year holding period began on the date that the contract was signed, not on the date that the property's purchase escrow closes.
Its three main tenets state that all IA or IA-enabled products incorporated into DoD information systems must comply with NSTISSP #11; products must be satisfactorily evaluated and validated prior to purchase or as a condition of purchase; and purchase contracts must specify that validation will be maintained for subsequent releases of the product.
But prior to any development proceeding, the company plans to extract a 500-tonne bulk sample this month that, if successful, might lead to a purchase contract with a major glass manufacturer.