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Noun1.purchasing agent - an agent who purchases goods or services for another
agent - a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
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He added that owing to the absence of regulations for sugarcane purchasing agents, there was no check on the purchase and sale of farmers' produce.
As the purchasing agent, Chiarappa was responsible for ordering and approving payment for all abatement supplies and materials delivered to the Deutsche Bank building.
Depending on the size of an organization and its jurisdiction, this process can become onerous, especially without a purchasing agent. To procure vehicles, the commander will prepare the specifications and proposal and determine which merchants to advise.
"The vendor told the purchasing agent there was more to come if he continued to do business with his company.
"RTI is all about providing accurate information on how resin markets function, which empowers processors' purchasing agents," states Bill Bowie, chief operating officer.
The micro-management types were those with strict spending limits and constrained processes, while the macro-management types were those where the purchasing agent has full authority with unlimited approval limits.
Purchasing agents, almost by definition, obtain goods (within a specified quality range) at the lowest possible cost.
BG paid Brinco a 10% commission for acting as its Brazilian purchasing agent.
What are some of the specific challenges that you faced with a certain purchasing agent? You also have to look beyond an agency's so-called window dressing.
For purposes of illustration, assume the purchasing agent conspired with a widget manufacturer in a rebilling scheme where the purchasing agent got 90% of the illegal proceeds, the vendor the remainder.
A purchasing agent merely checks off what is needed and sends it along.
This means that within an entity the chief purchasing agent or similar officer would be the most likely suspect for corruption.

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