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Noun1.purchasing department - the division of a business that is responsible for purchases
business department - a division of a business firm
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Once the hotel budget has been approved by the owners, each department head approaches the purchasing department with their inquiries in order to get the yearly procurement needs fulfilled.
Summary: An information seminar was held, on Monday in Tunis, by the Exports Promotion Centre (CEPEX) on the theme: "Business Opportunities with UN Purchasing Departments.
A ballot of its members in the purchasing department, organised by Amicus, saw staff vote 17 to five in favour of action.
Accounting and purchasing departments are often the subject of employee ire because of opaque acquisition processes and lengthy cycle times.
When purchasing department employees and other prospective buyers within State Farm access this database, they'll be able to search for businesses that furnish your products and services and select the ones that best fit State Farm's needs.
FEW COMPANIES INITIALLY RECOGNIZE that implementing a purchase card program often resolves most, if not all, of the control issues that formerly consumed significant attention of the accounting and purchasing department.
However, when the product moved into production and the purchasing department finally became involved in the process, the key raw materials were sent out for bid.
This is because most purchasing departments are in the filling requisitions business.
Bristol Visitor Center, and buy items at the DAV Purchasing Department, as well as meet some of the people they oven communicate with via telephone and the Internet.
The elevation of the Purchasing department to a strategic function represents a major advance in the status of a department tong looked on as a bureaucratic necessity that faculty and staff tried to maneuver around.
Workers in the firm's 70-strong purchasing department have voted to down tools in protest at plans to ship the team some 240 miles down south.

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