purchasing power

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pur·chas·ing power

1. The ability to purchase, generally measured by income.
2. The value of a particular monetary unit in terms of the goods or services that can be purchased with it.
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kupní síla
pouvoir d’achat

purchasing power

[ˈpɜːtʃɪsɪŋˌpaʊəʳ] npotere m d'acquisto
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I spent money rather too freely in those days, it is true; but one reason for it was that I hadn't got the proportions of things entirely adjusted, even yet, after so long a sojourn in Britain -- hadn't got along to where I was able to absolutely realize that a penny in Arthur's land and a couple of dollars in Connecticut were about one and the same thing: just twins, as you may say, in purchasing power. If my start from Camelot could have been delayed a very few days I could have paid these people in beautiful new coins from our own mint, and that would have pleased me; and them, too, not less.
| KUWAIT, April 12 (KUNA) -- The Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) ended last week with mixed gains in its three indexes, buoyed by lingering purchasing power basically focusing on leading and operational shares, according to an economic report.
The purpose of this group is to restore purchasing power to its members who are facing large companies which gradually took over their markets.
The data, which is prepared by TurkStat in cooperation with the Central Bank of Turkey, review the current purchasing power of consumers as well as consumers' estimated purchases in the future.
Bulgaria holds the dubious honor of having the highest prices of postage in Europe when compared to the relative purchasing power of the population, a BBC survey has shown.
Based on first preliminary estimates for 2009, published by Eurostat, on 21 June, gross domestic product (GDP) per inhabitant expressed in purchasing power standards (PPS)(1) varied from 41% to 268% of the EU27 average across the member states.
(ADPnews) - Jun 7, 2010 - In 2009, the purchasing power of the Austrian population rose by 4.6% in nominal terms to around EUR 135 billion (USD 161bn), research institute KMU Forschung Austria said on Monday.
Summary: The decision of Morocco's central bank (Bank Al Maghrib) to raise key interest rate by 25 points to 3.5% is meant to prevent any decline in the purchasing power that might result from higher inflation rate, said, on Thursday, the Bank's chief, Abdellatif Jouahri.
Shaikh Ahmed was responding to a question by council member Rabbab Al Arrayedh on the government's moves to strengthen the dinar's purchasing power in the short and long run.
As the flows of people, products, and capital between the United States and China increase, it is ever more important to understand the purchasing power difference between the dollar and the renminbi.
But he noted France was doing well in several areas, with unemployment at its lowest for ten years and investment at a 12-year high and purchasing power at its most dynamic for a decade, making France ever more attractive.
Brighton, London and Oxford offer some of the highest starting salaries, yet new graduates working in those cities will have much lower local purchasing power. Graduates may be on good local salaries, but they will have low disposable incomes due to high living expenses such as rents.

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