pure absence

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Noun1.pure absence - an absence seizure without other complications; followed by 3-per-sec brainwave spikes
absence seizure, absence - the occurrence of an abrupt, transient loss or impairment of consciousness (which is not subsequently remembered), sometimes with light twitching, fluttering eyelids, etc.; common in petit mal epilepsy
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"I've recently woken up from a stupor of pure absence of self.
"In pure absence of understanding it is going to require [credit-rating agencies] to make a judgement with incomplete data", warned Managing Director of Moody's Europe Michael Foley.
Not human forms, modeled only out of earth, dissolved only in rain, stretching only over mud and rotten greens coming loose from the hills in this part of the world unbathed by sun, where the pure agony of sun refracts, the pure absence of human forms in the designated places.