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1. Rigorous in religious observance; marked by stern morality.
2. Puritanical Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Puritans.

pu′ri·tan′i·cal·ly adv.
pu′ri·tan′i·cal·ness n.
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Adv.1.puritanically - in a prudish manner; "she acts prudishly, but I wonder whether she is really all that chaste"
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"I trust also," said D'Artagnan, approaching the young man closely, "that you will no longer speak ill of any one, as it seems you have the unfortunate habit of doing; for a man so puritanically conscientious as you are, who can reproach an old soldier for a youthful freak five-and-thirty years after it happened, will allow me to ask whether you who advocate such excessive purity of conscience, will undertake on your side to do nothing contrary either to conscience or the principle of honor.
Understanding why American lawmakers will lead the world in banning smoking or act puritanically strictly to regulate alcohol, yet shrink at confronting the gun lobby involves understanding the nation's culture, history and the peculiarities of its constitution.
For these "accommodations" Mihailovic must, of course, be censured, strongly so according to a puritanically purist theory of war, less so if his prevailing circumstances are taken into account.
A far cry from American Puritanically based poetry--The Oxford Book of American Poetry comes to mind--Czerniawski's collection offers a continuously alien (Catholic) spiritual point of view.
We think of both Greek temples and heroic early-modern buildings as puritanically white, but often they were not.
The same can be said for when one prepares the ground for Sir Toby Belch's riposte to Malvolio's puritanically "distempered appetite": "Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale?" In a Shakespeare class one "abjures" the comfort of putting one's feet up on literal paraphrase and yellowed notes.
A paganism that Smith considers a real and serious threat for religious believers as it is fundamentally hostile to their beliefs and ways of life: "Once secular egalitarianism is accepted and entrenched as the prevailing orthodoxy, how much sympathy or toleration can they expect to receive over the long run from their new and puritanically egalitarian secular masters?" (p.
He noted that many readers in puritanically conservative Barbados accepted the stories.
Barring a few exceptions, all the ads carry puritanically the portraits of both the deceased and alive top leaders of the ruling party concerned.
The blend of sex and love in this encounter echoes that in the wayside episode, but now the former rich tonality and beatific aura transmutes into Dantean coldness--or, maybe just puritanically sexual.
Needless to say, this genre readily engages design sensibilities of a puritanically reductionist, pathologically inartistic cast.
We drank cappuccinos at the table, him wrapped puritanically in my bathrobe, me with my shirt off.