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You would surely have thought that I had been detected in no less a heinous crime than the purloining of the Crown Jewels from the Tower, or putting poison in the coffee of His Majesty the King.
The purloining of the son of the poet-tyrant by the daughter of the financier-convict.
La laughed a bitter laugh, for in her heart she knew that Tarzan's sin was greater than the purloining of the sacrificial knife of Opar; yet as she looked at him lying bound and helpless before her, tears rose to her eyes so that she had to turn away to hide them; but she remained inflexible in her determination to make him pay in frightful suffering and in eventual death for daring to spurn the love of La.
I took therefore an opportunity of purloining his key from his breeches-pocket, while he was asleep, and thus made myself master of all his riches: after which I again conveyed his key into his pocket, and counterfeiting sleep--though I never once closed my eyes, lay in bed till after he arose and went to prayers--an exercise to which I had long been unaccustomed.
Canlas-the corporate secretary of Romero's father - who accused Romero of purloining HCPTI's's corporate funds by issuing 18 checks totaling P3.
According to the Guardian, Lind granted all defence requests to merge counts, except specifications four and six of charge II that relate to stealing and purloining of the Iraq and Afghan warlogs.
There has been alarm over the purloining of gas pipes.