purple bacteria

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Noun1.purple bacteria - free-living Gram-negative pink to purplish-brown bacteria containing bacteriochlorophyll
phototrophic bacteria, phototropic bacteria - green and purple bacteria; energy for growth is derived from sunlight; carbon is derived from carbon dioxide or organic carbon
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A team of scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum Mnchen, the Jlich Research Center, the Technical University of Munich and the Heinrich Heine University Dsseldorf has now shown that harmless purple bacteria of the genus Rhodobacter are capable of visualizing aspects of this heterogeneity in the tumors.
"Our group manipulates these conditions to tune the metabolism of purple bacteria to different applications, depending on the organic waste source and market requirements," says co-author Professor Abraham Esteve-Nunez of University of Alcala, Spain.
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and Matsumot, S, Characteristics of Phototrophic Purple Bacteria isolated from a Japanese paddy soil.