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Noun1.purple heather - semi-prostrate evergreen herb of western United States
heath - a low evergreen shrub of the family Ericaceae; has small bell-shaped pink or purple flowers
genus Phyllodoce, Phyllodoce - small genus of evergreen Arctic and alpine shrubs
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He had risen to his feet and was standing with his back to the cedar-tree, looking away with fixed eyes to where the sunlight fell upon a distant hillside gorgeous with patches and streaks of yellow gorse and purple heather. Presently she noticed his abstraction and looked also through the gap in the trees.
On this wooded green land, known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, fire is the only enemy of heather which, by springtime, carpets the volcanic island in flowers, just like the 'fragrant hills of purple heather' in poem Bonnie Auld Scotland.
On this wooded green land, known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, fire is the only enemy of heather which by springtime carpets the volcanic island in flowers, just like the Bonnie Auld Scotland poem's 'fragrant hills of purple heather.' With no native animals to gnaw away their branches and roots, heather and gorse grow taller than any in Scotland.
She said: "The floral details within the design will be made out of metal and are inspired by the national flowers of Scotland, Norway and Denmark --thistles, purple heather and marguerite daisies.
The purple heather is at its majestic, spectacular peak in mid-August - something which tempts many a walker to follow its paths for miles.
The paint experts claim this smoky, gentle neutral with a tinge of purple heather can not only bring a sense of comfort, harmony and balance, but is so versatile it blends beautifully with other fashionable palettes, from inky blues and purples through to chocolate and pinks.
Dunwich Heath near Southwold, Suffolk, is a patchwork of pink and purple heather beside the beach, and home to birds such as the Dartford warbler, nightjar and woodlark.
The reissues have allowed fans to hear long out-of-print albums such as Hard Nose the Highway (1973) which closed with folk staple Purple Heather, which is perhaps better recognised as Wild Mountain Thyme and Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go.
1 Last of the summer colour walk, Sychnant Pass, Conwy, tomorrow, 2pm Wander amongst the clumps of purple heather and discover some of the heathland treasures on Conwy Mountain, and the Pensychnant estate next to it, enjoying the last of the vivid summertime colours.
The SNP chose the white rose of Scotland in tribute to a poem by Hugh McDiarmid and the Tories picked purple heather sprays.
Set amid a carpet of pink and purple heather, the enclave of detached Novasol holiday homes were a short stroll from the sand which was so deep and fine it was like walking on sifted flour.