purple pea

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Noun1.purple pea - any of several attractive evergreen shrubs of Australia grown for their glossy deep green foliage and flowers in rich blues and intense violets
genus Hovea - genus of Australian evergreen shrubs
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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They keep looking at new ways to tempt us to eat our five fruit and veg a day so watch out for the orange cauliflower, purple pea pods and even yellow rhubarb.
One example is the once widespread, endangered plant, Swainsona recta (the small purple pea), which survives only in fragmented grasslands and woodlands along roadsides, railway easements and within reserves.
There are also purple peas and beans, multi-colored corn, capsicums of various colors and shapes and pumpkins and tomatoes that will amaze.