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Adj.1.purple-blue - of blue tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Are you so everlastin' anxious to land him alone?" Harvey's knuckles were raw and bleeding where they had been banged against the gunwale; his face was purple-blue between excitement and exertion; he dripped with sweat, and was half blinded from staring at the circling sunlit ripples about the swiftly moving line.
Hisham won gold in kata all-styles for children in green to purple-blue (ten years) category.
Producing attractive purple-blue flowers from June to October, Rhapsody in Blue is quite possibly the closest any breeder has come to creating a blue rose.
Producing attractive purple-blue flowers from June to October, it is possibly the closest any breeder has come to creating a blue rose.
The purple-blue discoloration of the right hand and arm was observed at the 15th minute of infusion.
Inspired by nightfall, the purple-blue blended dial of Crazy Sky is matched with a matte violet plastic case and a matte violet silicone strap with blue print.
Make a doorway inviting by adorning it with a Chilean potato tree (Solanum crispum "Glasnevin"), whose purple-blue flowers last from summer to autumn, or an ornamental vine, which will provide a spectacular red foliage finale in autumn.
The Neelakurinji is a purple-blue flower native to Munnar that blooms on a large scale only once every 12 years.
In my garden now I've got Echinops, or Arctic Glow thistles, which give a lot of bang for your buck with lovely purple-blue, globe-like flowers.
A spokesman for wildlife charity Buglife Wales, which investigated Mr Beynon's find, said: "The blue ground beetle is an impressive beast, a large beetle with a metallic purple-blue sheen.
bifolia, which produces loose sprays of star-shaped blue to purple-blue flowers in early spring and will increase rapidly, and S.
Good cultivars include 'Barr's Purple', 'Ruby Giant', which produces red-purple flowers, and 'Whitewell Purple', with purple-blue wide opening flowers.