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Adj.1.purple-brown - of brown tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Trillium recurvatum, sometimes referred to as prairie trillium, has purple-brown flowers and speckled green foliage.
"We think there's only one dessert banana - but there are many." The collection has banana plants that can produce fruit with red skin and orange pulp, or fig-sized ones with a hard, purple-brown skin.
Along the muddy riverside paths of Exeter, through the purple-brown heather and eerily leafless woods of Dartmoor.
Drive past the purple-brown moors and dense green hills, deep lochs and little inlets of the north and the west.
In another canvas (also 2014), a multitude of components--black dots, a dark-red triangle, some white squares, and many long rectangular strips of black, pink, purple-brown, gray, yellow, or blue--are piled one on top of another, resembling the leftover scraps of a Bauhaus Vorkurs exercise, or a child's art-activity kir.
A two-shade menswear look near the end beautifully towed the line between male-female and East-meets-West, in a huge fur coat paired with purple-brown Indian silken pajamas.
These Asiatic lilies produce stunning bi-colour flowers with deep purple-brown centres throughout the summer.
The grasses were strange, various breeds of needle-grass rising up in purple-brown clumps, their long thin blades turning to silver at the tips."
The Encyclopedia of Wood describes the freshly cut heartwood as "a very distinctive, vivid blood red, maturing to dark purple-brown with red streaks." The color is sharply demarcated from its sapwood, which has very little commercial use.
Pink tones neutralise pinky-blue darkness and peach tones neutralise purple-brown darkness.
The team coaxed the dormant microbe back to life; first incubating their samples at 2 degree Celsius for seven months and then at 5 degree C for a further four and a half months, after which colonies of very small purple-brown bacteria were seen.