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Adj.1.purple-green - of green tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Yes, the shiny purple-green creature to the left and the sky-blue one to the right are cockroaches.
The two boys had attended a session held by The Jam Jar -- a space for upcoming artists to showcase their work -- and had produced little panels of purple-green splotches that were, according to Weera, going to be framed on the walls at home.
Serengeti Africa is billowy primrose clouds on sky blue canvas barefoot Masai boys wearing red plaid blankets herding scrawny goats and cattle over ruddy, dry earth, purple-green foothills-- our primal ancestral common ground Thompson's gazelles graze sparse dry grass Giraffes browse on thorny treetops Loping in slow motion across the Serengeti plain-- A ballet of pachyderms crossing in deep water, single-file An elegant leopard languishes on naked limb of ancient tree
Also called Peewit (because of its call - peewit!) or Green Plover (because of the green colour on its back), lapwing are easily recognisable birds with iridescent purple-green upper parts, chestnut patches above and below the tail and a prominent crest on the head.
In autumn, purple-green, 30m (12in) stems emerge and develop spikes which are massed with blue, violet or mauve flowers, individually tiny but effective in such large numbers - like giant grape hyacinths.