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Adj.1.purple-lilac - of lavender tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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My favourites include Nemesia "Fragrant Cloud" and "Fragrant Gem" which have pretty purple-lilac flowers and a surprisingly strong scent.
Corless-Smith, for example, compounds colors to get us close to the colors of the seen world: "red blues," "purple-lilac lavenders'" "silver golden." Color, primary to how we see things, dominates much of the first sections of the book--Corless-Smith makes language thick with color, and we realize that color is a set of signs about the world and not the world itself; just as Shakespeare made the Mulberry tree his tree, colors make the world theirs, and the poet must struggle with them to clarify and to moralize and to sing the scenery.
At this time of year they are topped with masses of fluffy, purple-lilac flowers.