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Adj.1.purple-red - of red tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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He filled a goblet of ancient Venetian glass with a purple-red liquor, beautiful to see.
The crabs hung on the branches as thick as beads on a string, purple-red, with a thin silvery glaze over them.
I find Wave Carmine Velour's nonfading, velvety, purple-red blossoms particularly appealing.
Salvia Mulberry Jam has deep purple-red flowers and a compact habit, ideal for as border in a small garden.
Additionally, the new leaked image is in line with the previously leaked image as one of the phones on the table behind Lei Jun also featured a gradient purple-red gradient colour on the top edge.
The rule of thumb to remember is that white wines will always deepen in color over time, while red wines will grow paler as they mature, and their purple-red color will shift toward orange-red.
Some orange-fleshed varieties come in cream skin, others purple, purple-red, light purple and cream.
Erica carnea There are so many types of heathers on offer year-round, it's often difficult to know which one to choose, but if you have acid soil you can't go wrong with low-growing Erica carnea, an invaluable winter-flowering variety that comes in a range of colours from white to pink and deep purple-red. These groundcover subjects have attractive evergreen foliage and flower in winter and early spring, growing in sun or semi shade.
A 62-year-old female presented with a three-day history of painful purple-red nodules on her face and extremities [Figure 1] associated with generalized malaise and arthralgia.
Available in three varieties, you can choose from Magnolia Soulangeana (rose pink, pictured), Magnolia Susan (purple-red) or Magnolia Stellata (white).
This beet produces medium to deep purple-red rounded tapering roots, with a lighter interior characterized by concentric pinkish rings or zones.