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Noun1.purpleness - a purple color or pigmentpurpleness - a purple color or pigment    
lavender - a pale purple color
mauve - a moderate purple
reddish purple, royal purple - a shade of purple tinged with red
reddish blue, violet - a variable color that lies beyond blue in the spectrum
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Nothing cheers up a roast pork dinner on a blustery midwinter's night than the bright shimmer of a spoonful of redcurrant jelly or the zing of a few pickled elderberries, with their almost iridescent purpleness.
In "Whisper," Brown lets loose with a flurry of falsetto licks that his Purpleness would surely applaud.
I imagine it as a music magazine with Prince himself on the cover--perhaps his first time fronting Rolling Stone, the issue of April 28, 1983, with a Richard Avedon shot of His Purpleness and his then-protegee Vanity, each of them with a hand inching toward his waistband.
When antioxidant was added, the antioxidant donated an electron or hydrogen to DPPH and formed a stable DPPH-H molecule and purpleness of the solution faded.
At Lake Qaroun on my recent trips, the swamphens have been positively coquettish flaunting their purpleness for the binoculars.
We've had the odd issue before, largely involving my jumper losing its impressive purpleness. But never had I looked like I'd been over-exposed to radiation.
Despite earlier reports that the eccentric superstar had asked aides to line up smaller venues in the UK after he played in front of just 300 people at the SXSW festival in Texas, I hear plans have now changed, with larger venues hosting His Purpleness. My source reveals: "Prince has no trouble selling out arenas three times over and is in a place in his life where he wants to celebrate his music."