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Adj.1.purplish-blue - of blue tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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They fade from red or pink to purplish-blue to thinner, pale, more scar-like streaks over time.
Bloomstruck shows off gorgeous globe-shaped clusters of purplish-blue flowers on shrubs growing 3 to 4 feet tall and wide.
Beautiful, purplish-blue flowers that carpet the hillsides of southern India just once every 12 years are under threat of never blooming again, National Geographic reports.
She checked his fingernails and they were purplish-blue near the cuticles because he wasn't getting enough oxygen.
Soon our food was ready and we were back in action until one of us faintly noticed how the sky's colour was slowly changing from pitch black to a deep purplish-blue. Yes, we had all survived the night and were even awake despite being supremely tired.
1A and B), which may be morphologically and histochemically divided into two types: larger and rounded goblet cells that stain purplish-blue with AB pH 2.5/PAS (predominance of associated neutral and acidic mucins), and smaller and more abundant goblet cells with a typical calyx shape and a predominant red colour when stained with AB pH 2.5/PAS (predominance of neutral mucins) (Fig.
They are the most beautiful shade of purplish-blue, tiny in a vast sea of green.
Gina's excited (5) 4 A rich Hungarian stew from that awful hog Saul (7) 8 Purplish-blue flowers?
While the commonest form of 'Tommies' is pale lavender, there are several other varieties all equally valuable and available from some garden centres including the white-flowering 'Albus', and a deeper purplish-blue, 'Whitewell Purple' and the larger, more robust deep purple 'Ruby Giant.' This said, daffodils remain synonymous with spring and our patron saint's day, although I no longer waste money on the traffic roundabout varieties of which there are more than enough already circulating.
Lamp Looks in Different Light, 2013, consisted of six passport photo-size "portraits" of a white lampshade that seems to change hue almost magically from purplish-blue to greenish-yellow, depending on the time of day.
First of these blight-busting superspuds was Sarpo Mira, a red-skinned maincrop that is great to start with although you could also try Kifli a waxy, white-skinned new potato flavour or Blue Danube a good roaster that has white flesh surrounded by a purplish-blue skin.
"He described how her face went a purplish-blue and said he saw two tears roll down her face."