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Adj.1.purplish-brown - of brown tinged with purple
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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dendrobii is purplish-brown, flattened, covered by a light brown test infused with secondary white wax; test with longitudinal mediodorsal carina intersected by transverse raised lines.
5-10 mm wide, mostly yellow, with a yellow-cream central depression densely covered by glandular trichomes, surrounded by yellow with purplish-brown oblique short stripes; inner tepal claws stained purplish-brown, narrowly cuneate, 10-11 mm long, 1.
The comfortably contoured handles are made of rosewood, a cherished, exotic wood known for its dark, purplish-brown hue.
The company chose rosewood for the handles, an exotic wood known for its dark, purplish-brown hue and prized for its exceptional hardness and durability.
Antenna with basal segment rather short, shiny, purplish brown, dilated apically; flagellum with purplish-brown rough scales along posterior margin throughout, with appressed scales on anterior margin.
On the bank, Mary saw purplish-brown, leaf-like hoods poking up from the soil.
Technically a berry from the evergreen tree Garcinia mangostana, the mangosteen's leathery, purplish-brown pericarp reveals nothing of the opulent treasure concealed inside.
2 mm long, base truncate, apex obtuse, outside dark purplish-brown, inside yellow, fixed at base, the outside base covering like a hat the point of insertion of the filaments, basally connate to each other, distinctly recurved and free near the apex, forming a stellate structure and bearing a central entrance-hole ca.
Riverton Beauty has been available in garden centers as a tried and proven producer of yellow flowers with a purplish-brown disk that are held 4 to 5 feet in the air.
It is hard to see what brought together this mixed bag of amorphous forms and tight grids: a monumental diptych with layers of blue, largely covered by two puddles of black; a huge, predominantly flesh-toned piece; two medium-size vibrant red grounds with magnified halftone dots; an unsteady De Stijl composition; a dozen small black and lavender paintings; a purplish-brown floor piece in eight tiles, bearing elongated squiggly imprints that partially reveal their white ceramic support.
The purplish-brown powder, said to resemble pumpernickel, comes in Chardonnay, Cabernet, ice wine and a blended flavor, and can be used in recipes, as a sauce thickener and as a source of fiber and protein in health shakes.