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Adj.1.purpose-made - designed and constructed to serve a particular purpose
purposeful - serving as or indicating the existence of a purpose or goal
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He was released down a purpose-made 'hydro-slide' off the stern ramp of the vessel.
Keith Morgan, specialist investigation detection manager at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, said: "This was a massive haul of contraband goods found in two local shops along with a sophisticated and purpose-made concealment within the premises.
Company's product-in-crate washing machine is purpose-made to wash different lots of products, large or small, soon after one another.
In contrast, a thoughtfully conceived, purpose-made multi-tool can meet a specific need to perfection while retaining general versatility.
The University is also developing a purpose-made hand-held device.
The capsule, weighing 25Kg, is made from the same steel used to build oil rigs in the North Sea and was placed in a purpose-made hole under the new granite floor of Hafod Eryri.
The square tubular unit is bolted to the cut wire to give the appearance of a purpose-made unit from the Troax wire mesh fencing systems, including Cetus, Musca and Caelum, and items from other leading machine fence ranges.
Foreign and domestic M & A, low-cost one-yen companies, freely using assets as investment currency, and purpose-made investment vehicles (LLP's) are now all allowed.
On Friday, his father, Jonathan Abbott, will present a cheque to staff at Glenfield Hospital, in Leicester, to buy the first purpose-made ambulance with medical equipment for children like Joshua.
A purpose-made shrine from stone or wood to me seems far more appropriate.
If you require doors, windows, a staircase, a custom-built kitchen, bedroom, media centre, home office/study or any individual, purpose-made timber item, Harvey McLean's craftsmen will turn your plans into reality.
The original purpose-made museum building was set up in the 1890s on a site stretching north-south between two streets just south of the main railway station.