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1. Having a purpose; intentional: a purposeful musician.
2. Having or manifesting purpose; determined: entered the room with a purposeful look.

pur′pose·ful·ly adv.
pur′pose·ful·ness n.
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purposely, purposefully - Purposely means "intentionally, on purpose," while purposefully means "with a specific purpose or objective in mind."
See also related terms for objective.
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1. 'purposefully'

If someone does something purposefully, they do it in a way that suggests that they have a definite purpose and a strong desire to achieve this purpose.

He strode purposefully towards the barn.
He walked purposefully out through the secretary's office.
2. 'purposely'

If someone does something purposely, they do it deliberately, rather than by accident or chance.

They are purposely withholding information.
Her voice was purposely low.
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Adv.1.purposefully - in a purposeful manner; "he caught the motorcycles in the full glare of his headlights, braked and slipped purposefully out of the car"
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بصورةٍ هادِفَه، بِمَغْزى
af stefnufestu


[ˈpɜːpəsfəlɪ] ADVresueltamente
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[ˈpɜːpəsflɪ] advcon uno scopo preciso, deliberatamente
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(ˈpəːpəs) noun
1. the reason for doing something; the aim to which an action etc is directed. What is the purpose of your visit?
2. the use or function of an object. The purpose of this lever is to stop the machine in an emergency.
3. determination. a man of purpose.
purposeful adjective
having a definite purpose. with a purposeful look on his face.
ˈpurposefully adverb
ˈpurposeless adjective
having no purpose. purposeless destruction.
ˈpurposely adverb
intentionally. He did it purposely to attract my attention.
ˌpurpose-ˈbuilt adjective
made or built for a particular need or purpose. People who use wheelchairs sometimes live in purpose-built houses.
on purpose
intentionally. Did you break the cup on purpose?
serve a purpose
to be useful in some way.
to no purpose
with no useful results.
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This night she hurried to bed purposefully, every hair up, one eye on the stranger, who had dropped on a mat in a helpless, hopeless sort of way, all four feet spread out, sighing heavily.
His right hand fell lightly on the back of the outcast couch, the left remained purposefully plunged deep in the trousers pocket, and the roundness of the heavy rimmed spectacles imparted an owlish character to his moody, unperturbed face.
The bags are purposefully designed to carry up to three kilogram in weight so that they can be used for multiple purposes.
However, when I see a parent demonstrating behaviour that encourages their children to exclude, ostracise, cause pain or purposefully hurt another child, I find it hard to comprehend.
The firm also contends that Axon "purposefully obscures, and investors misunderstand," its exposure to China tariffs.
solidarity and reciprocity among citizens, and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation.
Those who spread this information are doing so purposefully," the MP said.
Despite that during 70 years of the Soviet rule this event was purposefully explained in an erroneous context, the Azerbaijani people never forgot the heroism of Turkish soldiers.
They still fail to understand that the steps taken by the Russian side are a legitimate response to years-long and consistent actions by the US and other NATO countries to purposefully fan military and political tension," the Russian diplomat stressed, TASS reported.
The discount can be availed purposefully from Shaheen airport ticketing offices and city ticketing offices exclusively.