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Lacking a purpose; meaningless or aimless.

pur′pose·less·ly adv.
pur′pose·less·ness n.
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Adv.1.purposelessly - without a clear purpose; "let's not purposelessly dispense the aid"
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Participants were found to have minimum knowledge about symptoms of ASD such as staring purposelessly and preoccupation with parts of objects, along with etiology and comorbidities associated commonly with the condition.
He also called these progressive groups "hypocrites" for recruiting these minors only to let them die needlessly and purposelessly.
Imaam Ibn 'Aqeel, may Allah have mercy upon him, said: "I do not believe it is lawful for me to waste even an hour of my life purposelessly. If my tongue can no longer move to teach others, then my eyes will read, and when my eyes go blind, I will use my mind to ponder and think about different jurisprudential matters.
Therefore, instead of purposelessly curtailing the rights of prospective parents to know the gender of their baby, the state should take soft measures to alleviate the issue of gender imparity.
Head counts apparently look good in police reports, so cops began indiscriminately rounding up anyone who seemed purposelessly hanging around, or was shirtless, or just appeared to have no business where he was.
Although communication made for data collection was not our study criteria, this finding indicated that data about the patients was not systematically collected, but data collection was aimlessly and purposelessly conducted at different times.
She was also noted to be moving all extremities purposelessly. All labs were normal including complete blood count, basic metabolic panel, creatinine kinase, and troponin.
Spending the borrowed money purposelessly has caused the economy to bear irreparable economic losses.
I say "almost" because--despite my abiding dissatisfaction with Sher's wildly overbusy staging, with its multiple Olympias, its purposelessly up-and-down Antonia set, and (most flagrantly) its omnipresent, devil's-sidekick Nicklausse--this was the best performance it's gotten so far (better, perhaps, than it deserves).
It only takes 4-5 episodes before the plot purposelessly detours and accumulates a great amount of unnecessary details.
I also considered the symmetry and size of the ventricles of the heart and of the vessels which enter and leave them (since Nature, who does nothing purposelessly, would not purposelessly have given these vessels such relatively large size).