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1. Having or serving a purpose.
2. Purposeful: purposive behavior.

pur′po·sive·ly adv.
pur′po·sive·ness n.


1. relating to, having, or indicating conscious intention
2. serving a purpose; useful
ˈpurposively adv
ˈpurposiveness n


(ˈpɜr pə sɪv)

1. having or acting with a purpose or intention.
2. serving some purpose.
3. determined; resolute.
pur′pos•ive•ly, adv.
pur′pos•ive•ness, n.
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Adj.1.purposive - having or showing or acting with a purpose or design; "purposive behavior"
nonrandom - not random
2.purposive - having a purpose; "purposive behavior"
purposeful - serving as or indicating the existence of a purpose or goal


adj remark, statement, action, behaviourgezielt; the purposive use of scientific progressder gezielte Einsatz des wissenschaftlichen Fortschritts; to be purposiveeinen Zweck verfolgen
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The Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) and the National Comission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) are inviting Filipino chairpersons and their co-teachers in their respective institutions to join a free retooling seminar for the course Malayuning Komunikasyon (Purposive Communication) on 20-24 May at the NCCA office, Intramuros, Manila.
The top court further observed that the purposive interpretation of the Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997 and the Control of Narcotic Substances (Government Analysts) Rules, 2001 promotes the protection of constitutional and fundamental rights under articles 4, 9 and 10-A of the Constitution.
And it must be a purposive decision of partner-states, taking into account mutual respect and mutual interests,' Mr.
On April 2, PM Imran maintained that the letter written on March 26 was meant to start the consultation process and build a consensus, noting that the entire idea of sending the letter was to enter into an effective, meaningful, purposive and consensus-oriented process of consultation, leaving no room of complaint of arbitrariness or unfair play.
"The entire idea of sending you the letter and the present one is to enter into an effective, meaningful, purposive and consensus-oriented process of consultation, leaving no room of complaint of arbitrariness or unfair play," the letter states.
"In this regard, the PRA's thrusts are geared toward promoting purposive' and protective' reclamations.
Furthermore, given the focal nature of TBE occurrence (5), specific game management units were asked during the year to supply extra samples (purposive sampling 48 samples), which were administered separately.
Like many such purposive conflicts in the past, I am sure she is hoping it will also take the heat from her government for failing to solve the multitude of problems at home, even if it would mean the risk of the conflict escalating into a proper war when other NATO members decide to join in.
A newspaper also published the press release that is false, fabricated and purposive, he claimed.
Sobejana,congratulated the new soldiers for finishing their purposive training that taught them to survive the challenges ahead of their military careers.
Shad said in many cases the Constitution was now being interpreted prismatically and it must be conceded that judicial activism reflects judicial independence regardless of one's view may be for the purposive interpretation of the law.
Congruent with interpretive description, data collection and analysis were concurrent, using purposive sampling and a constant comparative method.