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Noun1.purse string - a drawstring used to close the mouth of a purse
drawing string, drawstring, string - a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening; "he pulled the drawstring and closed the bag"
purse - a small bag for carrying money
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Cavendish, however, was a lady who liked to make her own plans, and expected other people to fall in with them, and in this case she certainly had the whip hand, namely: the purse strings.
This means that purse string closure technique has recently become more preferred by surgeons in our hospital due to its lower rates of SSIs as well as its better long-term cosmetic results.
The purse-string suture is introduced, an intestinal clamp is applied proximal to the purse string, and the duodenum is transected between the purse-string instrument and the clamp (Fig.
Despite their notoriously tech-savvy reputation, millennials rely more heavily on print than most would expect, according to Valassis' Annual RedPlum Purse String Survey.
"Those holding the public purse strings need to think very carefully about the price we all stand to pay" Successful partnerships have been forged between the public and voluntary sectors over many decades.
She said: "Most of the people who hold the purse strings are not women.
Yet he still believes the club can only temper Manchester City's impending dominance if they loosen the purse strings in January.
Time and time again we taxpayers are told public money is tight and the age of austerity isn't going to loosen the purse strings any time soon.
To help busy mums keep hold of the purse strings, we''ve got winter all wrapped up.
CHILDREN are receiving the most pocket money on average since 2007, as families start to ease their purse strings a little.
If people want to vent their anger it should be aimed at Ashley as he appointed JFK and he holds the purse strings.
FIGURES show our embassies around the world are spending more money and are loosening the purse strings.