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v. pur·sued, pur·su·ing, pur·sues
1. To follow in an effort to overtake or capture; chase: a fox that was pursued by hounds.
2. To strive to gain or accomplish: pursue lofty political goals.
3. To proceed along the course of; follow: a ship that pursued the southern course.
a. To carry further; advance: Let's not pursue this argument.
b. To take action regarding (something), especially with the intention of sustained effort: a detective who pursued each lead.
c. To engage in (a vocation or hobby, for example); practice.
5. To try to have a romantic relationship with: a lady who was pursued by many suitors.
6. To continue to torment or afflict; haunt: was pursued by the demons of lust and greed.
1. To follow in an effort to overtake or capture; chase.
2. To take action regarding something or carry on an established activity or project.

[Middle English purseuen, pursuen, from Anglo-Norman purseure, pursure, from Vulgar Latin *prōsequere, from Latin prōsequī; see prosecute.]

pur·su′a·ble adj.
pur·su′er n.


 of stewards of the house: stewards collectivelyBk. of St. Albans, 1486.
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Adj.1.pursuing - following in order to overtake or capture or as accompaniment to such pursuit; "the fox fled from the pursuing hounds"; "listened for the hounds' pursuing bark"
following - going or proceeding or coming after in the same direction; "the crowd of following cars made the occasion seem like a parade"; "tried to outrun the following footsteps"


An attempting to accomplish or attain:
References in classic literature ?
The Hawk, interrupting him, said: "I should indeed have lost my senses if I should let go food ready in my hand, for the sake of pursuing birds which are not yet even within sight."
Rostov, with his keen sportsman's eye, was one of the first to catch sight of these blue French dragoons pursuing our Uhlans.
I was interested to note that the tracks of the pursuing horsemen, for such I was now convinced they must be, continued after Powell with only a brief stop at the hole for water; and always at the same rate of speed as his.
Then, of their own accord, two of the sailors, by the direction of the patron Yves, lowered the sail, in order that that single point upon the surface of the waters should cease to be a guide to the eye of the enemy pursuing them.
"Before leaving Allonby, the persons in my employ discovered, to their surprise, that a stranger was in the place pursuing the same inquiry as themselves.
For the unjust is pursuing a reality; he does not live with a view to appearances--he wants to be really unjust and not to seem only:--
But if by virtue is meant (as I almost think it ought) a certain relative quality, which is always busying itself without-doors, and seems as much interested in pursuing the good of others as its own; I cannot so easily agree that this is the surest way to human happiness; because I am afraid we must then include poverty and contempt, with all the mischiefs which backbiting, envy, and ingratitude, can bring on mankind, in our idea of happiness; nay, sometimes perhaps we shall be obliged to wait upon the said happiness to a jail; since many by the above virtue have brought themselves thither.
I confess I recoiled from pursuing the inquiry which I had deliberately set myself to make.
Be that as it may, however, Frederica is returned on my hands; and, having nothing else to employ her, is busy in pursuing the plan of romance begun at Langford.
The rectilinear movement has thus become changed into a circular motion of extreme velocity, and it is now pursuing an elliptical orbit round the moon, of which it has become a true satellite.
He read and thought, and the more he read and the more he thought, the further he felt from the aim he was pursuing.
Marianne would not let her proceed;--and Elinor, satisfied that each felt their own error, wished to avoid any survey of the past that might weaken her sister's spirits; she, therefore, pursuing the first subject, immediately continued,