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1. An officer in the British Colleges of Heralds who ranks below a herald.
2. A follower or attendant.

[Middle English pursevant, attendant, from Old French poursuivant, from present participle of poursuivre, to follow, from Vulgar Latin *prōsequere; see pursue.]


1. (Heraldry) the lowest rank of heraldic officer
2. (Historical Terms) history a state or royal messenger
3. (Historical Terms) history a follower or attendant
[C14: from Old French, from poursivre to pursue]


(ˈpɜr swɪ vənt)

1. a heraldic officer of the lowest class, ranking below a herald.
2. an attendant; follower.
[1350–1400; Middle English pursevant < Middle French purs(u)ivant, present participle of pursuivre to pursue, follow]
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For this was William Dugdale, knight of the realm, for one thing, proud owner of Blyth Hall, and the man's expertise in matters genealogical, scholastic and heraldic brought him a marvellous array of exotic titles: Pursuivant extraordinary, Blanch Lyon, Rouge Croix, Norroy, and Garter Principal King of Arms.
Philippine Ambassador Sahid Glang will address the gathering, which will be attended by guest of honour supreme commander Reghis Romero II, who will be accompanied by past supreme commander Jesus David and KGOR supreme pursuivant Avelino Torres.
Ahead of them was a procession dignitaries, including Alastair Bruce Crionaich, who goes by the title Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary, and her servant, the Gentleman Usher the Black Rod, Lieutenant General David Leakey, Black Rod for short.
31 Witchsmeller Pursuivant and The Queen Of Spain's Beard were episodes of which TV series?
95) tells of a terrible discover on the River Thames involving the Queen's Lady Pursuivant, Grace, in a new mystery.
A man in tights banged his Black Rod against the door and entered with characters called the Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary and the Rouge Dragon Pursuivant to see lords in ermine and their ladies in diamond-encrusted tiaras and evening gowns next to barons and baronesses.
If they're anything like the Scottish equivalent - the Court of the Lord Lyon - you'll need to butter up your pursuivant.
Whalen does engage Hester's argument about the sacramental resonance of Satire IV in "Kind Pitty" and "Brave Scorn": John Donne's Satyres (1982), but he seems to ignore Hester's argument that the interlocutor may be a disguised pursuivant attempting to entrap the poetic persona.
He will always have someone, probably with an ancient and ludicrous title like S-Bend Pursuivant, to do it for him.
By sheer strength of will he succeeded in keeping ahead of pursuivant death until his forty-fifth year, when he had an appointment in Samoa.
Simmons, a ruling elder throughout the 1870s, was appointed Grand Pursuivant within the Grand Lodge, in charge of instructing members in the lore and practice of Freemasonry.
55 - 1, DION DEE (G Duffield) 9-2; 2, Pursuivant 7-1; 3, Level Headed 16-1.