push for

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w>push for

vi +prep objdrängen auf (+acc)
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Call the results more than a push for the push-up test.
The full functionality of M2Active Push for back-end systems and enterprise applications is accessible via REST APIs.
Reed says she didn't push for the requirement because a lot of districts said it was hard to find and hire foreign-language teachers and that they didn't have the financial resources.
Insurance industry supporters say they still will push for the bill to be passed this year.
No matter what it is, when I believe in something and I feel that it needs to be done or it's going to help, I will push for it, and I will push for it unless I absolutely can't get it done.
In 1980, the NRC first proposed that irradiated metal scrap could be converted, stressing that "radioactive waste burial costs could be avoided, [and] the resulting use of smelted scrap could be made into any number of consumer or capital equipment products such as automobiles, appliances, furniture, utensils, personal items and coins." Some thought the push for radioactive quarters and hot Pontiacs was too crazy to be true.
CEF and PUSH for Excellence are registered in Ohio.