push out

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Verb1.push out - push to thrust outward
push, force - move with force, "He pushed the table into a corner"
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w>push out

vt sep
(lit)hinausschieben; (quickly, violently) → hinausstoßen; to push somebody/something out of somethingjdn/etw aus etw schieben/stoßen; to push one’s way out (of something)sich (aus etw) hinausdrängen ? boat N a
(fig) employee, government, member of grouphinausdrängen; to push somebody out of somethingjdn aus etw drängen
(Bot) root, shootstreiben
vi (Bot: roots, shoots) → treiben
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A takedown is worth two points, making it more valuable than a point for the push out or a penalty point.
Following KLA-Tencor comments that DRAM suppliers had "pushed out" the timing of some initial tool deliveries into the first half of calendar 2019, Ho said his checks suggest that these push outs are coming from multiple players, one of which had already been hinted at earlier.
During the next vision period, 1995-2005, there were two "push outs" and one "pull in".