push over

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itip düşürmek

w>push over

vt sep
(= pass over, move over)hinüberschieben; (quickly, violently) → hinüberstoßen; to push somebody/something over somethingjdn/etw über etw (acc)schieben/stoßen
(= knock over)umwerfen
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(puʃ) verb
1. to press against something, in order to (try to) move it further away. He pushed the door open; She pushed him away; He pushed against the door with his shoulder; The queue can't move any faster, so stop pushing!; I had a good view of the race till someone pushed in front of me.
2. to try to make (someone) do something; to urge on, especially foolishly. She pushed him into applying for the job.
3. to sell (drugs) illegally.
1. a movement of pressure against something; a thrust. She gave him a push.
2. energy and determination. He has enough push to do well in his job.
ˈpush-bike noun
a bicycle that does not have a motor.
ˈpush-chair noun
1. (American stroller) a small wheeled chair for a child, pushed by its mother etc.
2. (also kick-sled) a push-chair on runners (used on snowy ground).
ˈpushover noun
a person or team etc who can be easily persuaded or influenced or defeated. He will not give in to pressure – he is not a pushover; We won the game so easily – it was a real pushover.
be pushed for
to be short of; not to have enough of. I'm a bit pushed for time.
push around
to treat roughly. He pushes his younger brother around.
push off
to go away. I wish you'd push off!
push on
to go on; to continue. Push on with your work.
push over
to cause to fall; to knock down. He pushed me over.
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The Japanese are a fit and hard working nation side and will certainly be no push over's, so England must be on their guard, as Everton forward Jody Handley points out.
Mauricio Pochettino will be keen to turn things around at the Emirates, butArsenalwill be no push overs in what is their most important match of the season.
She added: 'We are also aware of Cameroon's FAP, who are no push overs and we hope to keep a clean sheet in the group stages and pan the way forward.'