push past

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w>push past

visich vorbeischieben (→ prep obj an +dat); (= move violently)sich vorbeidrängen (→ prep obj an +dat)
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Over and over again, old Mazey had been roused by the admiral's attempts to push past the truckle-bed, or to step over it, in his sleep; and over and over again, when the veteran had reported the fact the next morning, his master had declined to believe him.
London's blue chip index closed lower by 0.12% or 9.18 points yesterday to end the day at 7,778.79 points, having failed to push past Thursday's record of 7,787.97 which was sparked by a rise in global oil prices.
Sterling had been making strides against the US currency over the past week to push past 1.43, but started to lose ground over the weekend.
When the officers identified themselves Collins repeatedly tried to push past them and there was a protracted struggle in which Collins attacked the officers before he was arrested.
The Scoop6 Spider salutes last week's PS2 betting shop punter for leaving behind the PS227,073 bonus fund to make for combined pools that should push past the PS400,000 mark today.
Prosecutor Paul Doney told Sunderland magistrates: "He tried to push past, grabbed her hair and pulled her down, kicking her in the face and punching her to the head."
He said that in his reluctance to spend time in police cells, Feehan tried to push past the officer as he tried to arrest him.
Now Long hopes to push past last season's tally of eight goals.
RENEWED economic optimism helped the FTSE 100 Index push past the 6,000 mark yesterday.
Forecasters predicted the mercury would push past 20C in Cardiff, Swansea, Brecon and Carmarthen, and hit a still respectable 18C in Wrexham.
Much like the Olympic athletes we've been inspired by recently, we all need to push past our comfort levels and make our work benefit something greater than ourselves--our country."