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Noun1.finger plate - a flat protective covering (on a door or wall etc) to prevent soiling by dirty fingers
protective cover, protective covering, protection - a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury; "they had no protection from the fallout"; "wax provided protection for the floors"
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The pole features a hook on one end for retrieving and a slide push plate assembly that can be secured over the hook for launching.
To give the operator greater visibility when locating and removing pallet loads, the telescoping cart-on-rail setup features a flared bottom cart push plate. All carts are interlocked for continuous flow and equipped with anti-lift outs to prevent accidental cart disengagement.
To make faster turns, the push plate on the nose can be used to control the shape of the bubble the missile is traveling in.
The new One-Touch Door Activation LPR-36, available through BEA, is a low-profile, door-activated push plate designed to provide easy access to people with disabilities and those using mobility products or carrying medical equipment.
One added bonus is that the pans are supported by a framed cistern that allows easy access via the push plate to replace any cistern parts by hand without the need to call a plumber.
Part 2: Birth to Childhood (4 billion years to 2.5 billion years), takes us to the oldest rocks in Canada, the Acasta Gneiss and the Slave Province, and asks 'Has it always been this way?', pulling together the evidence to answer the question "Just how far back can we push plate tectonics?".
The design begins with a base kit weighing ~55 lb and overall dimensions of 13" x 5.5" x 8.5" with the top push plate attached.
It also incorporates Toto's translucent Luminist material into its push plate, keeping it consistent with the rest of the range.
A zeroflex plate is created by milling a pattern into a push plate or support plate, or both, to provide clearance for components.
DynaLock Corporation of Bristol, Connecticut, has released a new line of heavy-duty push plate exit controls.
Dennis' step 3, cut a pocket just large enough to insert a bottle jack (I use a 12 ton) and push plate to fit the jack top.
* Push plate. Protects both push and pull sides of the door.