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n. also push button
A small button that activates an electric circuit when pushed.
adj. also push-but·ton (po͝osh′bŭt′n)
Equipped with or operated by a pushbutton.

push′ but`ton

a button or knob that opens or closes an electric circuit when depressed or released.
[1875–80, Amer.]


1. operated by or as if by push buttons: push-button tuning.
2. utilizing devices that can be easily activated from a distant location: push-button warfare.
[1875–80, Amer.]


A. Npulsador m, botón m (de control )
B. CPDde mando de botón
with push-button controlcon mando de botón
push-button warfare Nguerra f a control remoto


[ˈpʊʃˌbʌtn] adja tastiera
push-button warfare → guerra dei bottoni
References in classic literature ?
Nathaniel Letton's hand, creeping toward the push-button on the desk, was abruptly arrested.
Pressing the push-button beside my bed, I strove to hear the sound of the bell, though I well knew it was impossible for the sound to rise three stories to me even if the bell did ring.
Request for quotations : control station push-button control panel
Thus, we're pleased to introduce the Qualcomm Smart Headset Development Kit for Amazon (AMZN) Alexa Voice Service, supporting push-button activation for AVS for an Android phone that has the Amazon Alexa App installed...
Auto Business News-July 28, 2016--Mahindra to equip facelift version of XUV500 with push-button start and stop system and passive keyless entry
But with these new push-button starters in cars now, how can you do that?
CHARISMATIC: The push-button cars are not only cheap but also stylish.
But Levemir FlexTouch is the only prefilled insulin delivery device without a push-button extension.
This is the first and only prefilled insulin delivery device with no push-button extension, the company added.
Using push-button lift controls and powered by a single 12-volt battery, the SLNM-63-FF narrow mast stacker offers push-button lift controls, manual push operation, nylon steering and load wheels, and raised heights of 63 and 118 inches.
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) introduced two tiny push-button reset controllers for space-constrained, power-sensitive applications such as pedometers, fitness bands, cell phones and tablets.
A simple push-button user interface built into the SmartBob AO circuitry Is used to configure the settings for each SmartBob AO.