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Still bent, however, on pushing forward, they attempted to climb the opposing mountains; and struggled on through the snow for half a day until, coming to where they could command a prospect, they found that they were not half way to the summit, and that mountain upon mountain lay piled beyond them, in wintry desolation.
Crooks, and when he lost sight of them, were pushing onward, down the course of the river.
He ha- rangued his fellows, pushing against their chests with his free hand.
There were things sprouting and pushing out from the roots of clumps of plants and there were actually here and there glimpses of royal purple and yellow unfurling among the stems of crocuses.
He showed her ten thousand new green points pushing through the mould.
"Stop!" screamed my brother, and pushing a woman out of his way, tried to clutch the bit of the horse.
"No, I won't," said Pierre, pushing Anatole aside, and he went up to the window.
Pushing away the footmen he tugged at the frame, but could not move it.
Deemer would have said if he had been there--the other side pushing its advantage to the extreme and making the supposititious testimony distinctly damaging to the interests of its proponents.
They congested the doorway, pushing for precedence--resolving themselves at length into a line and moving up step by step.
Then came archers of the guard, shrill-voiced women of the camp, English pages with their fair skins and blue wondering eyes, dark-robed friars, lounging men-at-arms, swarthy loud-tongued Gascon serving-men, seamen from the river, rude peasants of the Medoc, and becloaked and befeathered squires of the court, all jostling and pushing in an ever-changing, many-colored stream, while English, French, Welsh, Basque, and the varied dialects of Gascony and Guienne filled the air with their babel.
The ape-man could not rise, therefore, without pushing the lion away and whether Numa would tolerate being pushed was an open question.