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or push-up  (po͝osh′ŭp′)
An exercise for strengthening arm muscles performed by lying face down with the palms on the floor and pushing the body up and down with the arms.
Being a bra designed to press the breasts upward and toward the center of the chest.
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Noun1.pushup - an arm exercise performed lying face to the floor and pushing the body up and down with the armspushup - an arm exercise performed lying face to the floor and pushing the body up and down with the arms
arm exercise - exercise designed to strengthen the arm muscles
widegrip pushup - a pushup with the arms widely separated
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pushup, push-up

n flexión f (de brazos), lagartija (esp. Mex)
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The results suggest that pushup ability might be a simple, reliable and DIY-in-your-living-room method of assessing heart health, while at the same time helpfully strengthening the triceps and pectorals.As almost all of us know, cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death globally.
Pushup. Assume a traditional pushup position with hands at shoulder width.
After a brief rest while feedback on pushup performance was provided, a similar approach was used to assess performance on the sit-up event.
Start by facing your partner while both of you are in the pushup position.
You might want to start the floor pushup with your knees bent (put a pillow or blanket under your knees for comfort, if needed) instead of with straight legs.
A LLANTRISANT man has decided to take the 22 pushup challenge further than most - by carrying on for 170 days until his 50th birthday.
Colm O'Callaghan, Giffnock, Glasgow REGARDING JM's comment in the Record about the 22 Pushup Challenge - it's to raise awareness of mental health issues suffered by combat veterans.
There is very little research to date that investigates the effects of a pushup using a suspension device (SPU) on electromyographic (EMG) activity of core musculature.
At City Barber Shop in Gardner, a shave, or a haircut, or a pushup's going to cost you.
Wood and associates (17) established push-up test norms in university-age females and further supports the use of the pushup test.
Wide Pushup: Do a standard pushup, but with your hands wider than shoulder- width apart.