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Noun1.pusillanimousness - contemptible fearfulness
fearfulness - the trait of being afraid
poltroonery - abject pusillanimity
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He rotates and rotates about himself surfeited with the auguries of vague pusillanimousness. When the crookedness is straightened, he gets aside with a breakage or two to lament and decry the apathy, confirmed to him.
And Sontag, like certain other sisters, among them Joan Didion and Avital Ronell, threw away security and pusillanimousness for the sake of daredevil phrases.
To the commissioner, the reasons for this AIDS exceptionalism were simply bad politics and simpleminded civil libertarianism: the power wielded by the gay lobby (or, in the case of needle exchange, by black leaders who damned the strategy as genocidal); the pusillanimousness of state health commissioner David Axelrod, who (for reasons unexplained by Joseph) kept resisting his initiatives; and the red herrings of privacy and discrimination.