put differently

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Adv.1.put differently - otherwise stated; "in other words, we are broke"
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The sketch might be corrected in accordance with the requirements of the figure, the legs, indeed, could and must be put differently, and the position of the left hand must be quite altered; the hair too might be thrown back.
Put differently, measuring the entirety of one's life against this cherry-picked strand of another's is a recipe for feeling inadequate which is a precursor to depression.
"Put differently: citizens who are skeptical of the CDC and similar institutions base their vaccination decision making to some degree on whether or not a given disease occurs in close vicinity to their community."
Put differently, the movie Exodus about the ship the SS Exodus 1947, which embarked from the port of SA[umlaut]te near Montpellier, France, en-route to Palestine, is famous, but the brigade is the story about how Jews were smuggled to the docks to board ships like the Exodus.
"Put differently, unable to allege any wrongdoing on my part, Vic Pedaso resorted to malicious insinuations against me and concluded, without any factual basis whatsoever, that I kidnapped and detained his former partner, ..., and their minor son,....," read her counter-affidavit.
Put differently, Kenyans are meant to understand that both the county and national governments executed wrong budget lines for a whole year and none of them noticed any anomaly.This can only happen in Kenya.
Put differently, instead of keeping you safe from pests that are banking Trojans, ransomware and other threats, many of the fake security apps will apparently only pester you with unwanted ads, all in the name of easy revenue for the developers.
Put differently, what is the yardstick for judging others when it comes to matters integrity?
Put differently, in most cases, virtually any resolution is better than a war over children.
'Put differently, if a 2018 appropriation for an agency is extended to 2019, an equal amount for the said agency will be deducted from the proposed 2019 budget.
Put differently, Iran's rulers would have only themselves to blame if, come November 2019, celebrations to mark the Islamic revolution at 40 are eerily conspicuous by their absence.