put differently

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Adv.1.put differently - otherwise stated; "in other words, we are broke"
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The sketch might be corrected in accordance with the requirements of the figure, the legs, indeed, could and must be put differently, and the position of the left hand must be quite altered; the hair too might be thrown back.
Put differently, Brent crude oil prices are expected to average $9/bbl or 17 per cent above last year in 2018, but prices could pull back in 2019 to $60/bbl as US supply responds and OPEC starts to unwind the supply deal.
Put differently, OPSA aims to consolidate the democratic dividends that Kenyans have fought for and earned in our long and tortuous democratisation processes.
Put differently, BofAML said, it expected Brent crude oil prices to average $9 a barrel or 17 percent above last year in 2018.
Put differently, as a people, Nigerians must have a clear understanding of the kind of society, such that they will bequeath to a succeeding generation, a Nigeria qualitatively better than that into which they were born.
Put differently, Ra'fat's nightmares and awake hallucinations prove to be the most credible tool for us to learn more about 'Atteya, as is the case with the other victims of His Excellency.
Put differently, authentic German rectitude cannot be achieved without a form of redistribution that is bound to clash with the interests of, say, a French or a Greek oligarchy too lazy to come to terms with its own unsustainability.
Put differently, your odds of success as an entrepreneur are correlated to your country's level of development.
Put differently, demand will not break the current downward price momentum for now.
Put differently, activism at one moment and in particular institutional domains sets legal precedent and frames subsequent activism in multiple domains.
Put differently, could one analyze the Peloponnesian War and draw the same conclusion?
Put differently, the failure of the two-state solution will by no means lead to the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.