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or put-down  (po͝ot′doun′)
n. Informal
A critical, disparaging, or humiliating remark.


or put′down`,

1. a landing of an aircraft.
2. Informal. a disparaging or snubbing remark.
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Noun1.put-down - a crushing remark
derision - contemptuous laughter
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech


noun humiliation, slight, snub, knock (informal), dig, sneer, rebuff, barb, sarcasm, kick in the teeth (slang), gibe, disparagement, one in the eye (informal) She was getting very sick of his put-downs.


[ˈpʊtˌdaʊn] N (= act) → humillación f; (= words) → frase f despectiva
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But brother Wayne, 43, said: "Dionne was bullied as a teenager and Cowell's brazen bully tactics were a systematic put-down that won't help her confidence one bit.
THE new host of hit BBC television show They Think It's All Over honed his Nick Hancockstyle 'put-down' skills during a warm-up comedy show in the intimate surroundings of the Station pub.
We have all had that depressing experience of thinking of a sharp-tongued put-down - two days too late - but the beauty of biting back at the right time and in the right tone can keep us happy for weeks.
Michael Valdez Moses replies: Far from intending a "put-down of the men who served," I aimed to show how the sacrifices of World War II veterans have been cleverly misrepresented and manipulated by a generation of filmmakers not hitherto known for their warm embrace of the U.S.
PUT-DOWN: "You'll lose your right hand if you do and I'd hate to deprive you of your sex life."
She parried with an apology, fed to her by a friend, saying she certainly didn't mean offense by calling Ferraro a "witch." The book reveals Barbara to be a master of the sly put-down, sometimes covered up with an excess of superlatives about whomever she is simultaneously slicing and dicing.
This put-down represents a desire to escape responsibility or involvement .
The In side of the In-and-Out list occupies a higher moral ground than the Out side, In is trendy, but Out is both trendy and a put-down, meant to encourage the reader to feel disdain and also a measure of fear.
Buckley.) The political put-down artists-Emmett Tyrrell on the right, Alexander Cockburn on the left-can be vastly entertaining, but they care more about putting on a good show and blooding their swords than informing or understanding.
1001 Insults, Put-Downs & Comebacks lives up to its title; herein are some of the nastiest, most creative, and effective character attacks and snappy retorts, gathered from a smorgasbord of sources in literature, entertainment, and politics.
He was scared his nasty put-downs at auditions for the X Factor would provoke violence.