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 (po͝ot′lôg′, -lŏg′, pŭt′-)
One of the short pieces of lumber supporting the floor of a scaffold.

[Alteration (influenced by log) of obsolete putlock : perhaps put + lock.]


(ˈpʌtˌlɒɡ) or


(Building) a short horizontal beam that with others supports the floor planks of a scaffold
[C17: changed (through influence of log1) from earlier putlock, probably from put (past participle) +lock1]
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LEDGER: a horizontal timber secured to the uprights of scaffolding to support the putlog
The town square remains a distillation of ideal Italian life, with cafes, restaurants and a tiny opera house, and on the other side, the little Gothic cathedral with its tough brick walls regularly patterned by putlog holes that are now noisy and white-bearded nesting boxes for pigeons.