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also Pu tong hua  (po͞o′tông′hwä′, -wä′, -tŏng′-)

[Mandarin pǔtōnghuà (literally, common language ) : pǔtōng, common (Mandarin , general, widespread from Middle Chinese phuə̆´ + Mandarin tōng, through, from Middle Chinese thəwŋ) + huà, speech, language (from Middle Chinese xɦwa⋮j`, of Proto-Sino-Tibetan origin; akin to Tibetan gros).]
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(Languages) the official spoken language of China, based on the variety of Mandarin spoken in Beijing
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or p'u-t'ung hua


the form of spoken Chinese, based on the dialect of Beijing, adopted as the official national language of China.
[1945–50; < Chinese pǔtōnghuà literally, common (spoken) language]
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Nearly 2,000 people marched in the northwestern residential district of Tuen Mun on Saturday to protest against middle-aged mainland women they accused of brashly singing and dancing to pop songs in Putonghua, a Beijing dialect of Mandarin Chinese.
He is proficient in Cantonese and Putonghua and conversant with the issues of Hong Kong and the Greater China region.
In addition to the high population density, the demographics vary hugely (for a land mass only 3 times that of that Isle of Wight) with new immigrants from China speaking Mandarin (or Putonghua) only, a large foreign contingent that speak English and/or other European languages only and the remainder of the population speaking Cantonese (or Punti).
& chatter trafficked in Putonghua, Guandonghua,
[] English [] French [] German [] Japanese [] Putonghua [] Spanish, other, please specify:_____
There's also interest in learning Chinese, the national language Mandarin (Putonghua) in particular.
This would also increase the prospects of the local population playing an even bigger role in the development of the region especially with the growing focus on vocational training and Putonghua skills, she added.
learning Putonghua, national laws and regulations, and vocational skills.
C31 led C32 and C35 as a subgroup for compiling e-Learning materials for the subject Putonghua as a Medium of Instruction in Teaching Chinese Language, while C33 directed C34 and C36 as another subgroup for producing e-Learning materials for the subject General Studies.
(1)Mandarin is also referred to as Chinese , Mandarin Chinese, and Putonghua (or, the common language).
The participants were mostly undergraduate ELLs in Hong Kong who are typically characterised by biliteracy (written English and Chinese) and trilingualism (spoken English, Cantonese and Putonghua).