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1. Becoming putrid; putrefying.
2. Of or relating to putrefaction.

[Latin putrēscēns, putrēscent-, present participle of putrēscere, to rot, inchoative of putrēre, to be rotten, from puter, putr-, rotten; see pū̆- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Biology) becoming putrid; rotting
2. (Biology) characterized by or undergoing putrefaction
[C18: from Latin putrescere to become rotten]
puˈtrescence n


(pyuˈtrɛs ənt)

1. becoming putrid; undergoing putrefaction.
2. of or pertaining to putrefaction.
[1725–35; < Latin putrēscent- (s. of putrēscēns), present participle of putrēscere to rot]
pu•tres′cence, n.
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Adj.1.putrescent - becoming putrid; "a trail lined by putrescent carcasses"
stale - lacking freshness, palatability, or showing deterioration from age; "stale bread"; "the beer was stale"


[pjuːˈtresnt] ADJputrefacto


adj (form)verwesend
References in classic literature ?
A couple of hundred yards out of Baker Street I heard a yelping chorus, and saw, first a dog with a piece of putrescent red meat in his jaws coming headlong towards me, and then a pack of starving mongrels in pursuit of him.
So overpowering was it that it was easy to discover the source‹a mass of putrescent matter on the doorstep which in general outlines resembled a dog.
lutrescent (also lutrescence and lutrid), which combines light with putrescent to suggest light gone rotten.
They ripped past hulks of plants even more mysterious, seeping noxious stenches that gummed the roof of your mouth, buildings painted a color that matched their stink, putrescent chartreuse, vomitous creams.
Along the way, the color turned dun and fungal, the elegance to grotesquerie, the Strauss to pastiched Gounod and Wagner, and that warm, chocolaty fragrance to the stench of excrement and putrescent flesh.
Frustrated that the bananas you picked up from the farmers market just yesterday have already collapsed into a putrescent sludge puddle?
Hate crimes are often related to the contempt of 'decadent, putrescent, degenerating West' and its mode of life 'all for sale', while ignoring the true and supreme values.
They are not even concerned with their own disintegration, because they are already putrescent.
We need leaders of steel, not putrescent puddles of pandering.
Those texts abound in decadent (orientalist, voluptuous, putrescent, debauched) tropes, and those tropes correlate strongly with the "avant-garde" breakthroughs in the music.
When she drained me of my very marrow, and cold And weak, I turned to give her one more kiss--behold, There at my side was nothing but a hideous Putrescent thing, all faceless and exuding pus.