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Subject to putrefaction.

[French, from Old French, from Late Latin putrēscibilis, from Latin putrēscere, to rot; see putrescent.]


(Biology) liable to become putrid
(Biology) a putrescible substance
[C18: from Latin putrescere to decay]
puˌtresciˈbility n


(pyuˈtrɛs ə bəl)

liable to become putrid.
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Adj.1.putrescible - liable to decay or spoil or become putrid
perishable - liable to perish; subject to destruction or death or decay; "this minute and perishable planet"; "perishable foods such as butter and fruit"
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The Commission is seeking a contractor(s) that has the ability to accept, process, transfer and dispose of the following waste: Class 1 MSW (Garbage or putrescible organic waste that can decompose) Class 3 MSW (Non- putrescible & Mixed Construction & Demolition debris.
He added: "Waste produced by households and commercial sources like hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, which contain wet and putrescible materials are potential food sources and harbourages for insects and rodents.
Domestic waste to some extent is one of the chief putrescible waste but probably it must be rapidly getting oxidised upon entering the river (Taylor, 1949 and Coker, 1954).
Tanning in the process converting putrescible skin into non-putriscible "leather".
As seen in Figure 1, putrescible materials constitute more than 65% of the total waste stream.
Putrescible materials such as food or food residue were not collected since these will have a short lifespan.
Anaerobic digestion of putrescible wastes - this converts organic waste into a smaller, solid residue similar to compost.